15 Th10, 2020
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Tom Yankello, world-class trainer of legendary multi-division former world champion Roy Jones Jr., recently took to social media to post video of them training for their November 28 showdown with fellow legend heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. You don't want to miss what went down. Check it out!
For more sneak peek videos of Roy Jones Jr.'s training camp, visit the World Class Boxing Channel on VIworld at and follow Tom Yankello on Instagram @tomyankelloboxing


    Curtis GunterCurtis Gunter11 giờ trước
  • Too many people sleeping on Roy in this shit. He went 10 years without even dropping a round. My dude here has PLENTY of rep and a damn good chance.

    Dylan tha VillainDylan tha VillainNgày trước
  • all n all I do feel u have the speed to bust him up.. it's gonna be a good fight. God bless

    Carlo RaoCarlo RaoNgày trước
  • love roy jones jr. .and I'm not a pro boxer.. but yo bro, do u really think it's a good idea to turn ur whole head after every punch. Mike tyson is a monster buddy.. he's gonna see ur head turn like that and knock it off. I feel that if u would keep ur hands even kinda up and stop turning ur head after every punch.. plus closing ur eyes while punching u would be 100 percent better and would probably k.o tyson. but who am I. . just a nobody from halifax. love ya brother. .and good luck with ur fight

    Carlo RaoCarlo RaoNgày trước
  • Hope that "look away punch" is made just for the camera ...

    Miky ॐMiky ॐ2 ngày trước
  • People keep saying Tyson will walk through him are fools. Tyson was also supposed to walk through Williams, McBride and Douglas but got merked. Learn your history

    Kane CantellKane Cantell2 ngày trước
  • He’s still got it😁👍 he don’t need his legs, rjj always was a Bob & Weaver.

    100%100%3 ngày trước
  • Roy will get cleared out

    Fitness Jaguar JamesFitness Jaguar James3 ngày trước
  • Why u keep looking away

    JayJay3 ngày trước
  • I want one with a gamecock on it

    Baynard PlumbingBaynard Plumbing3 ngày trước
  • if hes just gonna stand there and throw jabs and a couple of combinations thats an easy tyson win because tyson headmovement is just to good he must be using another strutegy headbutts or something like holyfield did im mean what you can do its mike tyson so the only way to win is to use a little bit of cheating sorry

    חי סידיחי סידי3 ngày trước
  • I'd even say if he was young and Mike was old as he is he would die mikes moving like he's better than he was b4 cuz he's got less anger steady head

    mr digzymr digzy3 ngày trước
  • Hes gonna never fight after this mikes gonna show him bout badman boxer hes would of died either way if hes young or old

    mr digzymr digzy3 ngày trước
  • Heavy power

    mike jonesmike jones3 ngày trước
  • Roy Jones win it would be like a Rocky movie then y'all Musta forgot going to climb the charts again

    Cory PalmerCory Palmer3 ngày trước
    • @Cory Palmer It's an exhibition not a real fight. Google the fight commissioner's statement. He emphatically stated that he didn't want the public to be mislead that this was a real fight. Essentially, it's a high profile sparring session. And, he added there will be no head shots.

      O MO M23 giờ trước
    • @O M if Mike Tyson would dominate Roy Jones like ya'll say he's going to do and I'm a Mike Tyson fan as well as a Roy Jones fan I heard that Mike Tyson wanted to be a two-minute rounds instead of a 3-minute round now know how true it is but it is true. Roy Jones is a threat

      Cory PalmerCory PalmerNgày trước
    • How does he train that glass chin?

      O MO MNgày trước
  • Lol looks slow compared to Tyson

    Junior GoJunior Go3 ngày trước
  • Makes it look effortless

    imserious2187imserious21873 ngày trước
  • After seeing Michael Nunn fighting again. Watching Nigel Benn not have his comeback. I can only assume this event will be a disaster. If boxing in your 50's was easy, Chris Eubanks would still be fighting. So would tons of ex boxers.

    Paul BlackmanPaul Blackman3 ngày trước
  • I'm not a boxing professional by any means. But that moving/turning head too far to the right side after throwing a left hook seems risky. Seeing this the first thing that came to was, if am facing Jones, was to capitalize on a right counter to the right side of his face. Tyson by all means has the ability to release a right hand with devastating speed and power. If I can see that Tyson can definitely see that.

    Zeiad IdheilehZeiad Idheileh3 ngày trước
  • Cool 😎 Mother Pippiiip....FKR!!!

    PaperviewPaperview3 ngày trước
  • Gonna be hard to do all that when Mike Tyson is on the inside destroying your rib cage

    Southern Man80Southern Man804 ngày trước
    • Dangerous place to be at 😬

      MrMista08MrMista083 ngày trước
  • I like both Roy and Mike. But I hope Roy keeps his hands up because , Mike isn't to be played with .. I dont care if its "exhibition" keep your guard up fr Roy.

    Casual DreamerCasual Dreamer4 ngày trước
  • In my opinion, looking slow, legs wooden. Could all be for cameras, but i think Mike is a bite too much. I love RJJ btw, so no hate needed here. Its a perverse fight, but intriguing, but Mike is and always will be a monster puncher, RJJ looks more ponderous...a Mike win. Both UTTER LEGENDS. Huge respect 👍🇬🇧

    Andrew HAndrew H4 ngày trước
  • To slow for mike

    Ivan L.O.NIvan L.O.N4 ngày trước
  • Roy Jones moves like an old man. If he do not get out of the way of Mike Tyson punches, even the body blows is going to knock him out or he is going to get his body and ribs busted open.

    Darek BirtonDarek Birton4 ngày trước
  • Left hook is invisible right now

    Loud Eli McMastersLoud Eli McMasters4 ngày trước
    • Mike has eaten many of those 🤷‍♂️

      MrMista08MrMista083 ngày trước
  • He's stopping too much lol when Mike is training to keep coming during and after the punches

    KymistrytheChemistKymistrytheChemist4 ngày trước
  • I think they should stop calling these leaks

    kells8219kells82194 ngày trước
  • That shit look good, but Tyson ain't going be holding no mitts

    Troy MottTroy Mott4 ngày trước
  • Roy you better have an ACE up your sleeve!!! Tyson way to fast and strong!!

    Jimmy JohnsonJimmy Johnson4 ngày trước
  • The 💰💰💰💰 they both gonna make is 😆😆😆

    maximillion. 7maximillion. 74 ngày trước

    Jonhathon FaalogoJonhathon Faalogo4 ngày trước
  • Why is this guy* leaning on one side always

    Nikhil SNikhil S4 ngày trước
  • Wen is the fight

    raked madaraked mada4 ngày trước
    • November 28th

      MrMista08MrMista083 ngày trước
  • Only way Roy beats Mike is catching him on the way in. Both too old to go the distance. Someone is defo getting knocked out.

    Mo HMo H4 ngày trước
  • 0:44 Roy getting KTFO Roy walking around wit his hands in his pockets

    Aaron TownsAaron Towns4 ngày trước
  • I could do that if I wanted to

    HeisenbergHeisenberg4 ngày trước
  • Mike's doing real pad & bag work and some serious conditioning. Roy is hitting table tennis bats 😬 Ping pong this won't last long 😬

    Nicholas FleetNicholas Fleet4 ngày trước
    • 🤣⚰️

      MrMista08MrMista083 ngày trước
  • Sadly...I don't think tyson got the memo dat this is still an exhibition match. O well rip roy jones jr. 😖

    Danny boyDanny boy4 ngày trước
  • Why does he always leave that left hook in the air for a moment after the shot every time I’m no expert but isn’t that a bad habit? Enlighten me anyone

    Billy Big timeBilly Big time4 ngày trước
  • I hate that thing he does after he throws his like he throws his entire body and damn near completely turns his head the back of his head to his opponent, and definitely cant see what may be coming at him

    Jamar WilkesJamar Wilkes4 ngày trước
  • Looks like Roy’s the beast he’s gonna knock mike out easy

    kenneth bollingkenneth bolling4 ngày trước
    • You must be new to boxing 🤦‍♂️

      MrMista08MrMista083 ngày trước
  • One word.......SPEED..... I really hope RJ wins.......with all due respect to the monster Tyson is

    ScorpionScorpion4 ngày trước
  • No matter how hard you train. Mike's gonna whoop your ass, Roy 😎😁

    Herald DamiaoHerald Damiao4 ngày trước
    • 🤣⚰️

      MrMista08MrMista083 ngày trước
  • I got Roy

    Saintana LastOfTheRealSaintana LastOfTheReal4 ngày trước
  • This style isn’t going to do anything against Tyson, he’s throwing shots from his chest, he’s getting KO’ed

    Team BanchamekTeam Banchamek4 ngày trước
  • Soo Stiff. Easy KO rnd 3 by tyson.

    Rumon HussainRumon Hussain4 ngày trước
  • Roy goin to sleep

    faizaan khanfaizaan khan4 ngày trước
  • You got the speed the slap the snap but you ain't got the drive, Tyson's punches moves a opponent, yours just stun if there lucky, speed on your side but power on Tyson's an with his current training regime he got the speed of a 19 yr old, Jones you will lose its jst a case of when you how out Tyson will hurt you bad. It's the mentality in a fight, stop or flight, when the heads bk there's no losing, do yours a favour take first hit dodge rest an throw in towel first round, be grateful you got that, this ain't about money it's for charity an a word yet described

    Natural Born ChillerNatural Born Chiller4 ngày trước

  • Yoo when is toy gonna start moving them legs he stuck in the mud tryna punch his way out no legs no wind

    Terrell MaloneTerrell Malone4 ngày trước
  • I'm not taking sides, but making an observation, RJ jr started out as a middleweight, he says he's walking around at 210, Tyson started out as a heavyweight, if I was training RJ jr, I would want his weight to be as low as possible, to get him back to his true strengths as a fighter, this video makes him look like he has no mobility.

    yeah, right whateveryeah, right whatever4 ngày trước
  • people keep thinking mike gonna win like it’s a foregoing conclusion... mike aint been hit on years let alone been in the ring roy been active last few years... mike can very well win but if roy ko him i would not be surprised

    b spoonb spoon4 ngày trước
  • Boxers never lose their flare

    Naw FrNaw Fr4 ngày trước
  • Yo I Need one of your shirts Roy jones and a sweater. How much for the shirt and a sweater.?

    Sterling PonzoSterling Ponzo4 ngày trước
  • I got my money on Mike. Never was a fan of roy

    Westside BuddyWestside Buddy4 ngày trước
  • Tyson gonna bulldoze him

    Who’s Taddy Mason?Who’s Taddy Mason?4 ngày trước
  • Wow!!............... Aqui............... Ps..... Look up on VIworld Gene kim Robert breaker Chuck missler

    zach daquilazach daquila4 ngày trước
  • Damn Roy still got that heat!!🔥He looking better than the fighter's who out here now!

    Spill DogSpill Dog4 ngày trước
  • Roy should be working on keeping his right hand High dancing moving jabbing holding and staying the hell out of the way

    coachglaspiecoachglaspie4 ngày trước
  • Why does he look away on the hook

    Vegan PhobicVegan Phobic4 ngày trước
  • This is how it goes if jones can keeo tyson off he has a chance but thst is one hell of a hard ass task tydon hunts mofos down swinging with wanting to kill you in every swing if tyson hits him its going to be brain damage

    David HDavid H4 ngày trước
  • How is he hitting harde sharper and faster in every clip?.....mike has to corner him and i dont think roy goin sit in the or the ropes at 210 his legs still got spring

    Prince AllahPrince Allah4 ngày trước
  • If he turns his head anymore Mike will spin his head the rest of the way. How does this guy think hes on top. Would almost put this guy beside Steven Segal.

    Ashton FinneyAshton Finney4 ngày trước
  • Jesus Christ that left hook is insane...

    JT SainiJT Saini4 ngày trước
  • Yalll mfers must have forgot!!!!!

    Al MacAl Mac4 ngày trước
  • Both Jones & Tyson need a serious reality check as they can get hurt. They have had their time & should not be allowed back in the ring for their own sakes. Tyson was a pitiful sight in his last fights 15 yrs ago where his powers had firmly come to an end by fighters he would have creamed only a few years earlier. Roy Jones shares the same tale. Come on guys give your egos a well deserved rest!

    L SL S4 ngày trước
  • His legs aren’t saying much 😭

    iaikyuiaikyu4 ngày trước
  • The hand speed is no joke

    avilesallanavilesallan4 ngày trước
  • Roy jones has the advantage. Tyson was retired for far too long. He'll feel the ring rust.

    Andres BonifacioAndres Bonifacio4 ngày trước
  • Why has Roy developed this habit of turning his head to the side after combos? I never noticed this in his old fights.

    Stracchan JStracchan J4 ngày trước
  • Very sad for this fight unbelievable both fighters old gonna get hurt brain damage true boxing fans won't watch

    Eric AmezcuaEric Amezcua4 ngày trước
  • Tyson wont feel those punches.. i fear for jones life

    NicssonNicsson4 ngày trước
  • Woooooo RJJ!!!! Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!

    Tirrell SmithTirrell Smith4 ngày trước
  • Roy should work with Floyd senior.

    Ramesh Hansa RavendraRamesh Hansa Ravendra4 ngày trước
  • Y'all Must Have Forgot!!!

    KJ EnterprisesKJ Enterprises4 ngày trước
  • Eso dos viejos duros

    Chadman SantanaChadman Santana4 ngày trước
  • Whiplash speed... LMFAO ...heard... Lucky punches .. lmfao

    MALMAL4 ngày trước

    cadence456cadence4564 ngày trước
  • I just dont like how he keep turning his head n body but i think this is after all the training he is dead tired still hitting like that

    LilBam SBM. ENTLilBam SBM. ENT4 ngày trước
  • Doing a whole 180 after every combo. Dropping hands and walking away after every combo... FOH Roy. You and Mike gonna look so sloppy in there come fight night

    Anthony NievesAnthony Nieves4 ngày trước
  • Jones ...please stay away from Tyson...its not worth your health...

    Joe BJoe B4 ngày trước
  • Tyson gona roll under that hook ... N lights OUT😂😂😎

    Jacinto MonstroJacinto Monstro4 ngày trước
  • That twist is going to get him knocked out boooya

    Jonee BeeGuddJonee BeeGudd4 ngày trước
  • My only issue is Roy defense isn’t great it’s his feet which has slowed down. Will he be able to operate without all that distance because Mike gonna be in his chest

  • Sad thing is ppl really think this “exhibition” will be a fight. Can’t be mad at the OGs. Get that money fellas.

    Rich MuttsmusicRich Muttsmusic4 ngày trước
    • @Zach Smith Tyson wants to get paid. This is about nothing more than money.

      Rich MuttsmusicRich Muttsmusic3 ngày trước
    • Tysons doing it for charity tho. He just wants to fight.

      Zach SmithZach Smith4 ngày trước
    • @Knowledge Bone yeah he did. I don’t wanna see these OGs get knocked out. They both got out the game healthy. Roy took a lot of abuse late in career

      Rich MuttsmusicRich Muttsmusic4 ngày trước
    • @Knowledge Bone maybe they will get it in. I don’t want to see these legends get hurt but I want them to get the bag. Either way I’ll watch.

      Rich MuttsmusicRich Muttsmusic4 ngày trước
    • @Rich Muttsmusic but tyson knocked someone out in an exhibition in 04 but I would still like to see someone knocked out

      Knowledge BoneKnowledge Bone4 ngày trước
  • Roy still looks fast af

    Poison SocketsPoison Sockets4 ngày trước
  • They are giving Mike the Bron treatment by doimg whatever it take fir him to win. I hope Jones gives him the business.

    Richieray04Richieray044 ngày trước
  • Remember.. He is not hitting iron Mike here..

    matos jaymatos jay4 ngày trước
  • Jones better keep that left up, them extra pounds will definitely affect his ability to get out fast. He's still athletic BUT he aint young Roy Jones athletic. Definitely will be a great fight though.

    TT4 ngày trước
  • He's lost a lot of weight??

    OneManArmy lOneManArmy l4 ngày trước
  • I hope RJJ beats MT...I grew up watching MT in the 80s/90s, but recently he’s started acting very strange again. Don’t want either of these greats badly injured, however - go watch RJJ on Rogan (sheer class) then watch MT interview with TK Kirkland (zero class)

    Tristan LoweTristan Lowe4 ngày trước
  • Everyone saying this style and stance won't work ha he's obviously just letting go for the video upon getting in that ring he will box with his hands upp! Given said that Tyson will still ko him 100percent but rjj has all my credit for stepping into a ring with mike!

    James HoltJames Holt4 ngày trước
    • @Jermonte Fenwick that's why I say this fight will be a different Jones it has to be hands up pretty much says it in the Joe Rogan interview. Can't wait to watch it.

      James HoltJames Holt4 ngày trước
    • Roy fight with hands down , he’s done it his whole career. He relied on his reflexes......Im not sure he can do that anymore

      Jermonte FenwickJermonte Fenwick4 ngày trước
  • Remember Roy use to rap and Mike likes to eat eat eat MC’s..

    Nade ChaNade Cha4 ngày trước
  • If Roy get him out to them deep waters He gone drown him

    Tiger BobTiger Bob4 ngày trước
  • Amazing shape for his age wow!!

    David sandovalDavid sandoval4 ngày trước
  • Ashamed this fight is only eight, two minute rounds.

    Rick J.Rick J.4 ngày trước

    Nate EasternNate Eastern4 ngày trước
  • Don’t sleep on RJJ

    G MONEYG MONEY4 ngày trước
  • He gotta be on his bike side stepping, if you ever notice RJJ let's opponents rush him but he can't do it with Mike

    King HitmanKing Hitman4 ngày trước