08 Th10, 2020
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FightHype.com recently caught up with the one and only Bill Haney, father and trainer of undefeated lightweight champion Devin Haney, who is preparing for their upcoming November 7 showdown with Yuriorkis Gamboa. You don't want to miss what he had to say about several topics. Check it out!

  • Please stop bragging about fighting a washed up bum...

    Stoudermire VarshayStoudermire Varshay9 ngày trước
  • You Tank fans are delusional, Devin has a longer reach, he is just as if not more skilled than Tank, he has been the more active fighter, he has had just as many fights as Tank despite being significantly younger, he is more disciplined than Tank. You fools are saying he has no power but the last two guys he fought he has knocked out and he punished them before the KO's. Stylistically Devin seems to be more fundamentally sound and utilizes the jab more. Power alone is not going to make up for all of the above.

    R20R209 ngày trước
  • What happens when gamboa snaps and defeats haney....shhhhhhh goes the dream.....

    Deniro MalanoDeniro Malano10 ngày trước
    • I'm praying that's what happens!!

      T HughesT Hughes9 ngày trước
  • Bill is delusional......fame is a hell of a drug

    bbking778bbking77810 ngày trước
  • Devon Haney don’t hit no power at all and if he goes up in wait he will never see a ko again unless is Vegas and Floyd mayweather jr puts him on that special vacune vacine no power haney

    Alexander HernandezAlexander Hernandez11 ngày trước
  • All these delusional dads . Hes not as annoying as Teo sr. Whats with all the we shit, like the dads r fighting too.gtfoh

    Justin NicholsonJustin Nicholson11 ngày trước
  • I cant say too much obviously but I was there in the gym for their 2nd sparring day flew out from Maryland with my team for sparring before a fight, Devin did not want to trade with tank...tank landed a counter left on haneys chin and Haney didn’t throw for the rest of the round.

    Lee BoldenLee Bolden11 ngày trước
    • boah he was 15-__-

      ArmanArman11 ngày trước
  • Tank will knock devin out

    Zane HarrisZane Harris11 ngày trước
    • they need to make that fight happen

      ArmanArman11 ngày trước
  • His son will never achieve 1/8 of Gamboa achievements .

    nuclearforce55nuclearforce5511 ngày trước
    • Arman Yes is true . Respect is a virtud . Fighters fight, coaches train . All this thing of running their mouths in order to achieve something is not what a fighter is all about .

      nuclearforce55nuclearforce5511 ngày trước
    • come on now

      ArmanArman11 ngày trước

    Matt TreezMatt Treez11 ngày trước
  • This fight is a joke

    J PJ P11 ngày trước
  • Brandun Lee. viworld.info/rock/video/tHF9pIeWrIl7rIk.html

    Никита Репкин Завтрашний БоксНикита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс11 ngày trước
  • Why would you ask a Father.....who has better speed, his son or his son's future opponent???? Of course the father gone choose his son🤦🏾‍♂️

    king jujuking juju11 ngày trước
  • So you guys proud to say giving a ass w to a 39 year old man and disability because his doctor said he can’t fight no more that’s why is plan if he gets to 6 7 round he won’t come out get that check

    Pocho_13* MR.scaperPocho_13* MR.scaper11 ngày trước
  • My man don’t sleep on that Hollywood movie that tank did

    Pocho_13* MR.scaperPocho_13* MR.scaper11 ngày trước
  • The boxing politics need to stop. We wanna see Devin & Loma Tank & Ryan Shakur & Teo Fimo All these upcoming dudes fight eachother

    Sergio TrujilloSergio Trujillo11 ngày trước
  • Devin Haney is a skillful technical fighter who is a sharp puncher but hasn't shown the power or that other gear to dominate and put on an explosive performance like Tank Davis, Teofimo and Ryan Garcia have done in their fights and even though he's skillful I rate Shakur Stevenson skills on another level and he's a generational talent.

    JBsports The Man, The Myth, The LegendJBsports The Man, The Myth, The Legend12 ngày trước
  • Devin hasn't lost a round in boxing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯 BS

    drago pdrago p12 ngày trước
  • Boooo! Nobody wanna see that gaaabage fight

    ellzthegodellzthegod12 ngày trước
  • Tired hearing this dude yap.. Devin hasnt fought anybody even ranked n top 50... Gamboa first mfr he ever fought with a name thats have heard of.. Hype job.. Gamboa liable ko his ass

    James BlantonJames Blanton12 ngày trước
    • @Malice XI and you're saying he's better than rigondeaux based off of Haney's performance against what top fighters or champions??

      T HughesT Hughes7 ngày trước
    • @T Hughes by far

      Malice XIMalice XI8 ngày trước
    • @Malice XI forget about size for one second.. so you're saying that Haney is better than rigondeaux??

      T HughesT Hughes8 ngày trước
    • T Hughes Haney beats all those guys easy russel is overrated Nicholas Walters was fighting guys with 10 loses and riggondeaux was way to small to be in the ring with loma

      Malice XIMalice XI9 ngày trước
    • @Malice XI undefeated fighters?? Try Nicolas Walters.. try Gary Russell jr... try rigondeaux... what the hell are u talking about.. who on Haney's resume is as good as any of those...

      T HughesT Hughes9 ngày trước
  • The new Kenny porter

    Jt the GodJt the God12 ngày trước
  • Devin is Better but he can't hurt nun 💯 tank would drop him .....tank fight wit anger like tyson win tank get hit he goes on attack

    Money MoneyMoney Money12 ngày trước
  • I’ve never though Ryan Garcia would fight a top guy before Haney. Teofimo: Loma Ryan: Campbell Tank: Cruz And Shakur is running around look for smoke at 130 Haney is the only one out of new generation of fighters still talking sh*t but doesn’t have a real fight booked 🤦🏾‍♂️ These guys are leaving him behind!

    TheKingpeluTheKingpelu12 ngày trước
    • Young Shoota 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😮😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Malice XIMalice XI9 ngày trước
    • But loma asked for the franchise belt though

      Young ShootaYoung Shoota9 ngày trước
    • a pimp named Mdot not to loma

      Malice XIMalice XI10 ngày trước
    • Haney has lomas belt you know and Campbell isn’t top competition going 12 rounds with someone smaller than you doesn’t make you a top guy

      Malice XIMalice XI10 ngày trước
    • @a pimp named Mdot Lo took that franchise thing so he wasnt stripped

      ArmanArman11 ngày trước
  • Xoxo 💋

    TS SheMaleTS SheMale12 ngày trước
  • Tank can f***ing box he just hasn’t had too y’all goin see

    Dj YogiDj Yogi12 ngày trước
    • Fr he been doing since like 6 he had to develop a IQ

      Gun em down VillyGun em down Villy10 ngày trước
  • The Haney’s are bums

    Ads 19Ads 1912 ngày trước
  • Only Teofimo and Ryan are fighting real competition 🥊

    Isai SalgadoIsai Salgado12 ngày trước
    • Stevenson? he number 1 well tied with Teo

      ArmanArman11 ngày trước
  • Haney gets NO SPEC or stripes for this fight. Another BUM FIGHTS 2020

    CeeBarrio1CeeBarrio112 ngày trước
    • @Jacques B Wtf 🤔🤣 you weird

      Jayson Sosa BoxingJayson Sosa Boxing11 ngày trước
    • @Jayson Sosa Boxing you smoking that diarrhea 😂😂

      Jacques BJacques B11 ngày trước
    • @Jacques B Man you delusional af...Javier Fortuna & Jorge Linares would take the Haney fight wihtout a thought let alone any other better fighters but Haney not ready & HE KNOWS IT

      Jayson Sosa BoxingJayson Sosa Boxing11 ngày trước
    • Jacques B Gamboa Been washed since crawford. You forget he quit ??? Chavez is a great doesnt mean id someone bests him now they get Credit

      J PJ P11 ngày trước
    • Jacques B none of them do.

      J PJ P11 ngày trước
  • Devin and team should b ashamed of themselves picking a fight with old Gamboa instead of seeing it as a name on his resume..this is an easy fight to pick and win. I thought DH wanted to fight the best! Smh

    Iris PerezIris Perez12 ngày trước
    • Jamar Harrison Gamboa though?? Gamboa??? There’s other fighters out there who I’m sure are down to fight and if not then move up or down a class, there’s a lot of fighters who do that!

      Iris PerezIris Perez11 ngày trước
    • Tbh who else was willing to fight except gary but that fell out im guessing gambo the only one who answered even though gambo is out of his prime and coming off a loss to tank

      Jamar HarrisonJamar Harrison11 ngày trước
  • As of right now idk who wins between Devin n Tank but those 2 are top 3 lightweights along wit Loma. Idk I might switch Tank out 4 Teo bcuz Tank isn't only at 135 like the others

    DatboiTrillDatboiTrill12 ngày trước
  • shat ap gamboa still good fighter muppet

    GeneralGeneral12 ngày trước
  • They can't get a interview without tank name.tank should charge these dudes

    bmore gorillasbmore gorillas12 ngày trước
    • 😂😂😂😂 this the one right here

      Mark JMark J9 ngày trước
    • Agree

      Jupiter BJupiter B11 ngày trước
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      AgodTvAgodTv11 ngày trước
  • Even for free I would not watch this fight, really meaningless, even the diva of Ryan Garcia got a taught opponent in order to improve his resume. Delusional Haney .

    la voix de la vérité La seulela voix de la vérité La seule12 ngày trước
  • How can you one up Tank when Tank stopped Gamboa and possibly crippled Gamboa? All Dev is doing is fighting a damaged Gamboa immediately after Tanks stoppage win, he better look impressive!!

    Justusjohnny JoJustusjohnny Jo12 ngày trước
    • @nuclearforce55 Your opinion dude, your opinion!! 👍👍

      Justusjohnny JoJustusjohnny Jo11 ngày trước
    • .@Justusjohnny Jo let me see. You got hurt because I said that Davis did not cripple Gamboa.Then your SECOND HAND MOUTH started to runs.Calling me stupid bla bla bla.. What make you being an expert ? Because you know the name of some fighters and their DOB. Are you a fighter ? the only here that is acting like keyboard warrior is you. I have addressed you with respect. And yes Davis did not cripple Gamboa.

      nuclearforce55nuclearforce5511 ngày trước
    • @nuclearforce55 I see your stupidity for coming here commenting because if you arent a fan then what are you doing? Beat it you lame troll that wants your garbage opinion to be respected, FOH!! #deludedcasuals

      Justusjohnny JoJustusjohnny Jo11 ngày trước
    • Justusjohnny Jo Oh I just check your Chanel and looks like you are a Fan .

      nuclearforce55nuclearforce5511 ngày trước
    • Justusjohnny Jo Casual ? . Oh you must be a fighter , are you a fighter ? ..., Are You an expert ? Oh I see it .

      nuclearforce55nuclearforce5511 ngày trước
  • If DH had knock out power he will be unstoppable. That’s what separate tank and DH. DH can box. Tank can box and he has crazy power

    Anthony NavasAnthony Navas12 ngày trước
    • And that means what 🤔 DH isn’t known for knocking people out. He’s a true boxer. I don’t like DH to knock Gamboa out

      Anthony NavasAnthony Navas10 ngày trước
    • Against Antonio Moran

      DatboiTrillDatboiTrill12 ngày trước
    • Devin had knoccout of the year in 2019 wym😂

      DatboiTrillDatboiTrill12 ngày trước
  • This guy gives me don king vibes 😒 ....gross

    Courtney GillespieCourtney Gillespie12 ngày trước
    • 😂😂

      Chris MillsChris Mills11 ngày trước
  • Continue to undermined Gamboa......What everyone is failing to comprehend is that each fighter is different. Devin is not fight like Tank and does not move like Tank.....Gamboa is going to be a very tough opponent for Devin because Devin have no power to hurt Gamoa like Tank and is flight footed.......

    FergieFergie12 ngày trước
    • Devin is better defensively then Tank and alwayz in better shape too but Tank has more power and a battle tested chin over Devin, which we will find out against Gamboa. I got Devin winnin on points but still fightin better throughout the fight then Tank and won't gass out like Tank did

      DatboiTrillDatboiTrill12 ngày trước
    • Men gamboa is almost 40 washed up fighter , he should retire , Haney only fight journeyman , he should be ashamed to jump to the ring

      la voix de la vérité La seulela voix de la vérité La seule12 ngày trước
  • i havnt even watched this video but haney cant one up davis if davis beats cruz, opposites dont even compare

    David MooreDavid Moore12 ngày trước
    • Not to mention Tank is already a PPV star

      Box KingBox King10 ngày trước
    • They saying how devin could possibly beat gambo worse then tank did but imo that doesn't matter gambo is past his time even when tank fought him

      Jamar HarrisonJamar Harrison11 ngày trước
  • The difference between Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis is this, Gervonta Davis background upbringing, natural talent with work ethic contributes to his ferociousness in the ring, Devin Haneys upbringing was more structured, with natural talent and work ethic as well, if I had to say who will win between these two great fighters I would say Gervonta Davis because he might be more Hungry than Devin, he may want it more, but in the same token I don’t believe either fighter has had their chin tested by anyone they have battled thus far.

    only1LIFE90only1LIFE9012 ngày trước
    • I disagree Gervonta from what i have seen is not as disciplined and dedicate to the sport as Devin. Devin is more like Floyd than Gervonta.. in regards to his lifestyle outside of the ring.

      R20R209 ngày trước
    • J P I wish Bud would fight more quality fighters, I would like to see him fair against Porter, Garcia or Thurman... Who do you think the perfect match up for Gervonta is at this point? Who will test his chin?

      only1LIFE90only1LIFE9011 ngày trước
    • only1LIFE90 I think errol needs to fight crawford but he keeps adding quality names to the resume. So after this Danny Garcia figjt, if bud doesn’t fight a kell brook, ugas or porter type of fighter, I don’t want to here buds name again mentioned with Spence

      J PJ P11 ngày trước
    • J P Both are Cherry picking I agree, we have yet to see their maximum potential they haven’t been pushed to their limits, or they haven’t fought any other WARRIORS, What do you think of Errol Spence?

      only1LIFE90only1LIFE9011 ngày trước
    • There’s no difference. Both cherry picking

      J PJ P11 ngày trước
  • Devin will beat Tank DH is a bettet fighter then Tank

    Stafan LumpkinStafan Lumpkin12 ngày trước
    • @Willie Cumront I fill u, tank wont be no easy fight for haney, and imo tank could beat devin

      Paul RainsPaul Rains12 ngày trước
    • Why you say that? Tank dropping comp.

      Willie CumrontWillie Cumront12 ngày trước
    • Idk

      Paul RainsPaul Rains12 ngày trước
    • Tank mature earlier that’s all... Once Devin body and game matures it’s a wrap for Tank

      Alex SolAlex Sol12 ngày trước
    • Simple and plain

      Nexx LevelNexx Level12 ngày trước
  • ILL Bill Haney asked the fans to Boycott the Davis vs Gamboa fight bcos in his words it was 🗑 but now since his son is fighting Gamboa suddenly it’s a credible fight 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    B HatchB Hatch12 ngày trước
    • Man a clown . This what happens when yo daddy is trainer most the time . Dude stay tryna get. Camera time . N Devin has FOUGHT LITERALLY NO ONE AND HAS A CRACKER JACK BOX BELT. If gambla come in healthy.... He might beat the breaks off devin 🤣😉😉

      Tru SelfTru Self11 ngày trước
    • They were saying Gamboa was old when he fought Tank. Now they fighting a much older Gamboa than what Tank fought lol

      Katli MathatheKatli Mathathe11 ngày trước
    • I know stupid, moments like this bill losses all credibility.

      Mike AviationMike Aviation12 ngày trước
  • Mr. Old Capper 🧢

    Tony DiorTony Dior12 ngày trước
  • I guess im fighting gamboa next! Who has next after that?

    op3nsignalop3nsignal12 ngày trước

    ZO MUCHZO MUCH12 ngày trước
  • This dude looks like big foot from Harry and The Henderson’s

    TBE 50 - 0 MayweatherTBE 50 - 0 Mayweather12 ngày trước
  • Devin beats Tank by split decision

    DAGO 619 CALI FACTORDAGO 619 CALI FACTOR12 ngày trước
    • @AKG_1999 Tank is very skilled

      DAGO 619 CALI FACTORDAGO 619 CALI FACTOR12 ngày trước
    • @DAGO 619 CALI FACTOR im not gonna throq tanks name it up coming fighta cause cruz is from 126 but tank is still highly skilled

      AKG_1999AKG_199912 ngày trước
    • @DAGO 619 CALI FACTOR i doubt that bro .. Garcia is going to fight luke Campbell thats more experienced then Haney ... And you got lomachenko vs lopez who are both belt holders .... And lomachenko didnt want to fight haney cause haney isnt a big name in the boxing ranks loma only wants to fight high ranked fighters

      AKG_1999AKG_199912 ngày trước
    • @AKG_1999 Bro nobody wants to fight Devin because he has alot of skills he's the most feared at 135 Lomachenko vacated his belt so he can avoid fighting Devin all facts!!!

      DAGO 619 CALI FACTORDAGO 619 CALI FACTOR12 ngày trước
    • @DAGO 619 CALI FACTOR ite would be a good fight but devin haven't really fought anybody i think people give him to much credit

      AKG_1999AKG_199912 ngày trước
  • Sir your entitled to your opinion, but the fact of the matter is you can't fight for your son.

    RareAirTwo4RareAirTwo412 ngày trước
  • I’m better than Devin I have almost the same style which makes me the best for beating him I’m 15 rn I want to fight him pro at 19 and end his carreeer no matter how much I love him and look up to him

    Sanjar KarimSanjar Karim12 ngày trước
    • My last piece of advice as an old man who never got past the amateurs due to eye injuries.. don't get civilized, get up at 4 a.m. and run everyday like your life depended on it because when you're doing that you're symbolizing chasing your dreams. It gives you a mental Edge all the greats did it while your opponents in bed sleeping here already putting in road work it's a mentality you got to keep the warrior mentality and everything you do it's a way of life it's not a hobby like tennis and above all don't let anyone steal your dream from you expect hurdles in the road overcome them don't let them Define you

      Triple Triple O GTriple Triple O G11 ngày trước
    • @Sanjar Karim 👍 good luck on your journey

      Jamar HarrisonJamar Harrison11 ngày trước
    • @Sanjar Karim but I do respect your youthful determination keep that close to your heart and never lose it never ever lose it

      Triple Triple O GTriple Triple O G11 ngày trước
    • @Sanjar Karim don't think 20 my guy 20 put you at 35 and you be getting close or past your expiration date think like 10

      Triple Triple O GTriple Triple O G11 ngày trước
    • Ok it’s a long road but I’m prepared to do anything if it takes 20 years or 1

      Sanjar KarimSanjar Karim11 ngày trước
  • Boa noite congrats trabalho vai amém bom

    Peterson OliveiraPeterson Oliveira12 ngày trước
  • This jus sounds stupid bro Gamboa jus got knocked out and is coming off a aquilles injury ofc he going to do better then tank. Fight someone not coming off a loss😤 devin supposed to be a fuckin champion

    Melo BeezyMelo Beezy12 ngày trước