09 Th10, 2020
12 334 lượt xem recently caught up with undefeated lightweight champion Devin Haney, who was putting in work training for his upcoming November 7 showdown with Yuriorkis Gamboa as boxing gets back to some sense of normalcy during the coronavirus pandemic. You don't want to miss what went down. Check it out!

  • Tank beat gamboa... Haney don’t got tank power last time I checked so we will see him vs injure gamboa

    read 123read 1236 ngày trước
  • Gamboa is a cherry pick. Just came off an injury. Top guys don’t want to fight the wbc champ (Haney) so he wants to fight whoever the top guys fought. So spectators can compare the fights n see why these big names r ducking him. I completely understand what he’s doing but he should’ve held off on gamboa n fought someone who’s not fresh off injury

    KennyBased1KennyBased18 ngày trước
  • Looks like tank gets the fresh guys and these young guys get his leftovers

    RASCALRASCAL10 ngày trước
  • Gamboa is going to get destroyed. Gamboa last hurrah was against tank. Gamboa will get knocked out. This fight is not interesting at all.

    Steven daSilvaSteven daSilva10 ngày trước
  • Champ looks to be dehydrated. I hope they sealed that bottle. This whole process looks quite sketchy, and I’m now wondering what the chain of custody looks like too.

    TOP BOXINGTOP BOXING10 ngày trước
  • Gamboa clearly didn’t heal his Achilles, his training camp must have been horrible, yea their so smart, all a hype game for that team💯

    bugsta2012bugsta201210 ngày trước

    wood stay real TVwood stay real TV10 ngày trước
  • This is in my saved playlist videos lol👀👀👀

    Layla Drose WilliamsLayla Drose Williams10 ngày trước
  • By the thumbnail I thought the title was about to say “Haney drinks his own urine to prepare for Gamboa” just like Juan Manuel Márquez... 😂

    Carlos SanchezCarlos Sanchez10 ngày trước
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Cuddy TvCuddy Tv10 ngày trước
  • 🙏🏽💁🏽‍♂️🍺when the cup be warm/hot

    Layla Drose WilliamsLayla Drose Williams10 ngày trước
  • Lame!

    pableeziepableezie10 ngày trước
  • There’s not even need for steroids from haney for this fight, this is a garbage cherry-pick, you should be fighting way bigger names who are not over the hill and post injured if you wanna get a crack at Lomachenko how you’ve been barking

    AtxVnAtxVn11 ngày trước
    • @Drooly 911 you don’t really watch boxing like that lol

      Ethereal 777Ethereal 7779 ngày trước
    • @Drooly 911 name one top name haney fought?. Campbell, pedraza, Walter's, rigo and Russell are all better than haney's competitors. I'm a big fan of Henry though he's going to be great

      April 2520April 252010 ngày trước
    • He tried to fight loma, tank, Ryan, loma, and even Gary Russel Jr. Most of the big names are not even in the same promotion. You don’t know shit about boxing. He’s a 21 year old champion, he doesn’t have to prove anything. What did mirriaga prove coming off a loss to fight loma for a title? Gamboa has a win over salido who beat loma like he owed him money, who loma never rematched till this day. Why didn’t loma fight Pacquiao, Crawford, or Mikey Garcia? They were his big fights, but instead he fights Jose Pedraza. Name one person who asked for that fight.

      Drooly 911Drooly 91110 ngày trước
    • How the hell you gonna fight a bigger name if the bigger names don't want the Haney smoke.? Them Cats don't want it with a real Dawg Haha

      Baki HanmaBaki Hanma10 ngày trước
  • That thumbnail 😂

    David AvalosDavid Avalos11 ngày trước
  • That thumbnail 😂

    Grim ReaperGrim Reaper11 ngày trước
  • How can Bill Haney claim that Devin is fighting the best when he's fighting a washed up Gamboa🤣 The only one I see fighting the best is Teofimo Lopez! Really Devin doesn't deserve to fight the winner out of Lomachenko vs Lopez anyway & I'm pretty sure Bill will keep Devin right away from any real COMPETITION just so he holds onto the WBC Belt but Bill's good at claiming that Devin fights the best!🤣 SERIOUSLY name one top fighter that Devin has fought? I'm making this easy so PLEASE just name one?🤣 that's rite you can't lol

    MR TMR T11 ngày trước
    • @Ultra Instinct according to Bill Haney, Devin is the one that fights the best🤣🤣🤣 Bill Haney needs to stop the bullshit & put Devin in with some half decent fighters instead of babying him🤣

      MR TMR T10 ngày trước
    • Ryan,loma,lopez and gervonta and more are fighting tough fights While Devon is fighting an old ass gamboa lmao xD

      Ultra InstinctUltra Instinct10 ngày trước
  • they mean WADA right?

    NoobsPlayGamesNoobsPlayGames11 ngày trước
  • Floyd is the pioneer of Random blood and urine test. Many fighters wouldn't be champions if that was strickly applied ei. Pacqiou,canelo furry, and many more

    Mr. B.Mr. B.11 ngày trước
    • Course he is.

      Snoozer VineSnoozer Vine11 ngày trước
  • I wish Gamboa fought someone else first so fans can truly evaluate how fortunate Tank may have been that he injured his achilles 🤔

    Timothy GrantTimothy Grant11 ngày trước
    • @Darius Clark Actually, HOW!, is irrelevant to my point! His achilles was torn "EARLY"during the fight,HE GOT UP EACH TIME HE WAS KNOCKED DOWN. He was probably 85% prior to knock down and 17% for the next 7 or 8rds.. I'm curious if he got up remaining 85% how it would've turnt out 🤔

      Timothy GrantTimothy Grant6 ngày trước
    • He injured his Achilles because his body went limp when he got hit and he fell awkwardly lol. Y'all keep glossing over HOW he got injured

      Darius ClarkDarius Clark10 ngày trước
  • I bet everytime davin haney sneezes it sounds like a double barreled shotgun

    oldschool gamebredoldschool gamebred11 ngày trước
  • No puede ser, le van a Poner al malo de Gamboa, se mamaron, piñata para devin haney con todo respeto ya no es el mismo

    Ruiz Ruiz BoxingRuiz Ruiz Boxing11 ngày trước
  • Homie look like a crackhead in the thumbnail

    Mr WoodsmokeMr Woodsmoke11 ngày trước
    • @Big Smoke 🤣🤣

      Mr WoodsmokeMr Woodsmoke10 ngày trước
    • Homie would beat ya ass like you stole something

      Big SmokeBig Smoke10 ngày trước
    • 😂

      Carlos SanchezCarlos Sanchez10 ngày trước
  • So the fight is at 135 right?

    theplug bestfriendtheplug bestfriend11 ngày trước
    • Yes

      Ray BRay B11 ngày trước
  • Fighthype ugly as shit with the thumbnails 😂

    Big DripperBig Dripper11 ngày trước
  • Devin HANEY lives🏰 at the gym🥊🥊

    Raiden James TaylorRaiden James Taylor11 ngày trước
  • Why is he fighting Gamboa.. Gamboa is washed up.. thats no comp for haney.. its a waste of time....

    Albert OrtizAlbert Ortiz11 ngày trước
    • Thei fanboys dude their delusional.

      Ultra InstinctUltra Instinct10 ngày trước
    • That's ur excuse for fighting bums lmao xD

      Ultra InstinctUltra Instinct10 ngày trước
    • Gullible fluffers still making excuses for Haney's resume. Funny how he's fought NOBODY to prove he's as good as he looks against taxi drivers yet pro boxers are 'scared' lol..meanwhile better fighters than him managed to get decent competition next time out.

      Snoozer VineSnoozer Vine11 ngày trước
    • Yea but nobody else wants to step up to fight him he gotta keep going tho

      theplug bestfriendtheplug bestfriend11 ngày trước
    • He gotta stay active because everyone ducks him like Loma

      Harry Da LocHarry Da Loc11 ngày trước
  • *I Love💖You Very Much, Love💖 Me a Little Bit Too. Please🙏🙏 Support Me I Hope You Live To 💯 Years Old* . 😘 🤷

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  • Absolute joke of a fight. LBDC always hyping up trash or crowing fighters kings who ain't fought shit and their latest hope they've invested all their hope and dreams in Haney literally hasn't fought anyone your mum couldn't beat and now his massive weight bully ass is fighting a shot near 39 year old blown up 126 who was finished years ago and is coming off a KO loss to another LDBC boogieman who has been fighting trash and blown up 118s, 122s, and 126s. Pick on someone your own size for once in your life and fight someone with a pulse 😂

    KOMOREBIKOMOREBI11 ngày trước
  • Bro you need to drank more water

    Fresh MCFresh MC11 ngày trước
    • He’s in camp drinking gallons of water a day, what are you even talking about 😂

      Drooly 911Drooly 91110 ngày trước
    • water weight bro

      Harry Da LocHarry Da Loc11 ngày trước
  • Fight Russell Gamboa is no threat you get no shine for this win. Plus Haney like Tank hasn't fought anyone note worthy. Tank is fighting his first real fight in Santacruz but Haney is fighting an old washed, off balance Gamboa who almost went the distance with Tank with a fked up ankle (which is astonishing) where he did take punishment and was knocked down like 3,4 times probably had surgery on his achilles or what ever and now you're fighting him and... WHAT???? This fights TRASH

    CeeBarrio1CeeBarrio111 ngày trước
    • @CeeBarrio1 what is that?

      Ray CoolRay Cool10 ngày trước
    • @Ray Cool you assumed wrong I.G go back to "D.B. *N* Nations" channel

      CeeBarrio1CeeBarrio110 ngày trước
    • @CeeBarrio1 Because u said "plus Haney like tank haven't fought anyone note worthy" but he have , so I gave you a name of who. than I told you that Ryan would've been a better example than tank in your statement

      Ray CoolRay Cool10 ngày trước
    • @Ray Cool whyyyy are we talking about ryan garcia again???? Internet gangsta? Lol fkin STUNOD

      CeeBarrio1CeeBarrio110 ngày trước
    • @CeeBarrio1 ijs more credible than anybody Ryan fought so it would've made since to say Ryan than it would to say tank and fuck you to internet gangsta

      Ray CoolRay Cool10 ngày trước
  • Loma 🦆 Gary 🧢

    Pro EducationPro Education11 ngày trước
    • U don’t believe that about Loma ur self

      Ray BRay B11 ngày trước
  • This is a very interesting fight🤔 my mind tell me that Devin will win but Gamboa will always put up a fight

    Real american FanReal american Fan11 ngày trước
    • Y Petersen you again what’s up Peterson, hey I’m telling you, Haney going to Ko him and it may be early too.. like maybe 6th or sooner

      Alfredo SalgadoAlfredo Salgado10 ngày trước
    • Freeman Taft Yeah so let’s fight a 40 year old Gamboa coming off a KO loss and a torn Achilles’ tendon Not a good test. He needs to fight someone ranked

      Mr BoxingMr Boxing10 ngày trước
    • Its good to see how the young fighter handles experience. Its a good learning fight for Haney. See where he is at.

      Freeman TaftFreeman Taft10 ngày trước
    • Big Dripper Naw, wack ass fanboys are buying into this fight. Everyone knows that Haney gets no credit fighting a 40 year old Gamboa who just came off a KO loss and tearing his Achilles’ tendon Foh with your dumbass

      Mr BoxingMr Boxing10 ngày trước
    • Yup that's all they say it's amazing how they let race dictate their fanboyism Cause if ryan Garcia was fighting gamboa they would be saying. .oh his fighting an old ass gamboa cause his ducking haney. Lmao xD Ahki tv and dontaes crack me up. Their all fanboys.

      Ultra InstinctUltra Instinct10 ngày trước
  • Still confused as to why devin took this fight. I mean I understand he wants to stay busy probably but no one is gonna give him credit for Tanks leftovers of Crawford’s leftovers. Shit Crawford doesn’t even get credit for beating him by most even though he should.

    Andrew Bryant BoxerAndrew Bryant Boxer11 ngày trước
    • Ethereal 777 Yeah because Pacquiao weight drained a 154 Antonio Margarito who was 5’11 right ? Lmfao hold this L clown

      Mr BoxingMr Boxing8 ngày trước
    • @Mr Boxing he knocked guys out after draining them with catch weights

      Ethereal 777Ethereal 7779 ngày trước
    • @Pro Education why didn’t he fight fortuna?

      Ethereal 777Ethereal 7779 ngày trước
    • ascended savage nah I’m talking about when fortuna couldn’t get the linares fight because linares pulled out. Haney wanted to replace him but they sent a bs contract. Not saying it’s Haney’s fault. But Eddie knows wtf he be doing

      Andrew Bryant BoxerAndrew Bryant Boxer10 ngày trước
    • @Andrew Bryant Boxer he already said in a interview that he tried to make that fight happen and that fortuna is chasing after linares

      ascended savageascended savage10 ngày trước