13 Th10, 2020
2 758 lượt xem recently caught up with undefeated jr. welterweight Brandun Lee fresh off his latest victory, knocking Jeremy Williams out cold in the 1st round. You don't want to miss what he had to say about his performance, his future plans, and much more. Check it out!

  • He’s Mexican-Korean. This is a future superstar. I hope he goes big!!!

    Mark GalvezMark Galvez7 ngày trước
  • Hmm. First time I’ve seen this dude. Almost look like a young Bruce Lee, goodluck in the sport. Be strong 💪

    Xiong Guy's LoftXiong Guy's Loft7 ngày trước
  • Lee vs Ennis or Lee vs Ortiz.... Cut the BULL straight to greatness, then fight Crawford or SPENCE!

    ILYAS TillmanILYAS Tillman7 ngày trước
  • I would like to see him fight Haney or Garcia

    Don SussuroDon Sussuro7 ngày trước
    • Haney and garcia are lightweights, this kid is junior welter and i dont see him going down. By the time haney or garcia go up in weight, lee will be a welter.

      DanielDaniel7 ngày trước
  • Brendon will go far, he’s committed to the game, unlike Tank Davis who balloons up in weight after fights, what weight does Brendon fight at?

    Team BanchamekTeam Banchamek7 ngày trước
    • 140

      Hawt AzHawt Az6 ngày trước
  • Is this Bruce lee nephew

    Benny BloncoBenny Blonco7 ngày trước
    • Ha Ha.. he will fold u up like a deck chair

      Benny BloncoBenny Blonco6 ngày trước
    • no chackie chans niece

      Kobe SuperfanKobe Superfan6 ngày trước
    • No

      J SJ S7 ngày trước
  • Mexican and Korean

    RubenRuben7 ngày trước
  • Parents investing in kid is a nice thing. Plus promoters need asian american kid. Other than that i don see him as a “superstar” of boxing. But if he proves me wrong ill be more than happy.

    Bare KnuckleBare Knuckle7 ngày trước
  • This guy reminds me of me a lil bit lol. I also did boxing while doing full time college. Taking Criminal Justice. Also when he said his uncle and grandfather box mine too.

    Dream Chaser97Dream Chaser977 ngày trước
  • Great content As always your channel inspired me to start my channel would be great if a few of you with Subscribe to me

    Mercian ChauvinistMercian Chauvinist7 ngày trước
  • Lees one of the best professional athletes out there

    Albert OliverAlbert Oliver7 ngày trước
  • *Jaron Ennis, Brandun Lee, Vito Mielnicki, Xander Zayas are coming!!!!!* #147 🥊🥊

    Armani RiveraArmani Rivera7 ngày trước
    • @KING G ennis has no chin bubba Ennis career ends at 168 David Benavidez,Edgar Berlanga,Eumir Marcial,Etc etc he can’t touch them!.

      00 0000 007 ngày trước
    • Brandun Lee is at 140 and Xander Zayas is a kid, more like Vergil Ortiz and Jaron Ennis are coming to take over.

      Josh VJosh V7 ngày trước
    • Vito is at 154 and Brandon lee is at 140 I wise he could get the josh talyor fight.

      n dn d7 ngày trước
    • Boots wipe them all

      KING GKING G7 ngày trước
    • The 4 horseman

      phone jackphone jack7 ngày trước